Our program

The English program follows the same curriculum as the regular program, but uses English as the language of instruction in the teaching and learning process. We believe that using English as a teaching medium will increase students’ language ability and contribute of the country.  It is also a way to increase the number of qualified scientists, architects, mathematicians and others who can effectively communicate with people around the world. The policy of the school is based on the vision of the school stating, “Samsenwittayalai School focuses on providing students with the best education to have an excellent command of Science, Mathematics, and English at the international level. The school is also determined to foster social ethics, integrity, and community participation”.

           Teachers who teach English courses must be native English speakers, with strong academic backgrounds and experiences. All teachers must have a bachelor or above degree and most of the teachers hold master’s degrees with many years of teaching experiences.  Many of our part-time teachers are teaching in well known national universities with master’s or higher degrees. The program is open to suggestions from parents, and will try to accommodate students’ preferences. There are regular evaluations at the end of each semester to ensure the highest possible quality of teaching and students’ performance.

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